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I'm a big fan of Sengoku Basara, you can say it's my life. So this blog is most centered on this, but also on other series I love.
Recently graduated from university as a Doctor in Oriental Laguages and Civilizations with a thesis about Date Masamune, I'm a figure collector who loves photography, Sengoku Era and Masamune's life, and many other things >w< I'm also into Kamen Rider Gaim and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. You are gladly invited to ask me whatever you want =u=

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This is gonna take long time, yep *nods*

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News roundup: Another round of Sengoku Basara festival collaborations

As tomorrow is the first day of the Tokyo Game Show 2014, I’m posting this news roundup earlier than planned to ensure I have a clean slate in case anything exciting is reported.

Whether there is news of any new game or not, there will probably be a media presentation at the show to announce upcoming tie-ins and merchandise (and hopefully, dates for the next Basara Matsuri). I also think it’s likely we’ll see the two new mascot characters from last week’s Inazuma Rock Fes appearing at the show to greet visitors.

So for now, here’s a wrap-up of the Sengoku Basara news from the last couple of days.

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Mogami: Gentlemen! Go have your petty quarrel somewhere else!

Mogami: How will I find Ieyasu-kun like this!

Mogami: The savior of the Eastern Army, Mogami Yoshiaki has arrived!

Mogami: Please go let Ieyasu-kun know as well!

Tokugawa Soldier: HUH!? Now is not the time for that!

Mogami: When will Ieyasu-kun come greet me?

Mogami: You right there, can you go call him for me?

Tokugawa Soldier: HEY IEYASU-SA—— I mean NO OF COURSE NOT!

Mogami: Everybody is so mean to me…

oh idk maybe because you’rE IN SEKIGAHARA RN??????


I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I know I need to advance the main quest, but instead I faff about doing side quests because the main quest is intimidating and I don’t feel like I’ve leveled up enough to be able to handle it.


*likes your post* a great interaction, we are truly bonding

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