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I'm a big fan of Sengoku Basara, you can say it's my life. So this blog is most centered on this, but also on other series I love.
Recently graduated from university as a Doctor in Oriental Laguages and Civilizations with a thesis about Date Masamune, I'm a figure collector who loves photography, Sengoku Era and Masamune's life, and many other things >w< I'm also into Kamen Rider Gaim and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. You are gladly invited to ask me whatever you want =u=

Oh, the basement is now free from all the plastic wrapping. Looks like the construction of the new bathroom is close to the end. 

My glass cabinets are free QAQ I can re-arrange them now, yay. 

kubotayuki tagged me, so, here I am.

NAME: Giordana (but call me whatever you want)

DOB: 18th December 1990

GENDER: Female. But my mom says I’m a gay man in a woman’s body LOL

TAGGING: …..dunno. 

FOOD: Chocolaaaate *ç* also pizza, and a particular bread with wurstel my mom makes.

MOVIES: mostly action and fantasy

TV SHOWS: Kamen Rider Gaim (and other Kamen Rider series) 

BANDS: Kalafina, Abigdon Boys School, Girls Dead Monster, Egoist, Golden Bomber and now I’m starting to like Arashi. 

PLACE: I live in Italy and it sucks. 

SCHOOL SUBJECT: Eeeh I don’t go to school or university anymore LOL but in highschool i liked chemistry and at university Japanese. I reeeally like japanese history like Sengoku Era, but at university we only focused on Bakumatsu and Meiji era ._. mheh.

ACTOR: Oh c’mon, isn’t that obvious? Kubota Yuki.

ACTRESS: ……..nobody ._.

SIBLINGS: Two older sisters

DREAM JOB: Full time collector with a show of my own. Or a suit actress. 

FEARS: Illness, death, pregnancy

RELIGION: I was baptized but…..mheh. I believe in Madoka, Haruhi and Arceus, is it ok? °^° 

TATTOOS: At the moment I don’t have any, but I want the Sengoku Basara logo and the 4 symbols of Kamen Rider Gaim. 

PIERCINGS: Aside aerrings, nothing. 

LANGUAGES: Italian, English and a bit of Japanese.

REASONING BEHIND URL: Because I love Basara and long time ago I decided that my japanese equivalent name was Kaoru LOL it’s the as I have on MyFigureCollection, so I thought to use it on Tumblr too. 

# OF BLOGS: That I have? Only this one. 



My ryotaka inner was thinking something similar about Ryoma saving Takatora but then he was making fun of his “dead” in front of Kouta and Mai ;_; But tbh I wasn’t expecting that Ryoma would die soon either and then Tsune said such things and it was obviously Ryoma was going to die in this episode *cries* My body wasn’t ready, I need to read fics about Ryoma ALIVE D:

And about Micchy and Kaito… I’m more positive about Micchy than Kaito… I think Kaito’s route is a little rushed when he was fighting with Kouta and the others one or two episodes ago… but Ryoma’s last words makes me think that Kaito will die too (?)

Yup, Kaito really had a twist….but I think this was always his goal, the fight together with Kouta could be just a way to reach his true goal, or just because it was the best thing to do at that time. MIcchi surprised me, to have such a breakdown, crying on the floor like a desperate…I couldn’t  blame him. 

I want another flashback of Ryoma and Takatora ._. and I need to know the real condition of Takatora. I still have hope. 

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Imagine getting to tell your favorite character that they’re your favorite and why and why they’re so important to you

Oh right, welcome to my new followers! *A* 

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I know Ryoma was an asshole but I still can’t believe he is DEAD ;___;

You know, I really wanted him to stay alive, in my head at the end of the series he was the one to found Takatora and trying to revive him…but obviously, this was just one of my fantasies. Maybe I knew he was going to be killed? Dunno, but….I didn’t expect it in episode 43 QAQ there was so much stuff, Kaito transforming into an Overlord, and Micchi….BUT EVERYTHING CHANGED WHEN UROBUCHI DELIVERED. 

I was unprepared, it was so sudden QAQ Aside from fangirl’s fantasies, I thought that after the end of everything he would live like an exiled, far from Zawame City….now I’m starting to think Urobuchi will kill everyone LOL 

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